Skye Learning New Grad Toolkit Page

Graduating from college is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. If you’re part of the graduating class of 2020, the challenges and uncertainties are unlike anything you may have expected, with unemployment rates up and many industries in a holding pattern. Even interview skills and new hire training are shifting toward the virtual world.

Skye Learning’s New Grad Toolkit is a resource to help you feel as prepared as you possibly can as you enter the workforce. The skills needed to land jobs are increasingly changing as businesses look to maintain business continuity, and we hope to offer content and advice to help you stand out in your job search. Promoting continuous education has always been Skye’s mission, and there’s no better time to think ahead than now, as you graduate and enter the workforce

What's the Difference between a Certificate and a Certification?

Skye Learning offers certificates in a number of categories, as well as certification exam prep courses. Certificates and certifications are not one and the same. So, what's the difference? The video below helps clear it up and further explains the difference.

Skye’s CertSearch tool will help you find certifications that require no work experience. Most people in your position are applying for jobs with a college degree. Showing you have an additional certification or certificate course work is a great way to stand out to hiring managers.